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We still take the same care and attention to detail, tailoring the Numnah to fit the saddle and the horse, often working in conjunction with leading Saddle makers and saddle fitters and leading riders, producers and trainers.

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We provide Sheepskin Numnahs and Lambskin Numnahs for competitions, working hunters, endurance riding and more, as well as other products including ear plugs for horses, rein sleeves and many more.

Courtlea®️Numnahs started by accident when my sons’ junior event horse was ill with a chronic blood disorder. I’d had two fabulous Lauriche saddles made for him, yet he went to the back of his stable when he saw his tack coming. Since sensitive equine problems seemed to have been a bit of a special interest for me, I scratched my head! After all, he had two of the best saddles for eventing that could be bought at the time.

I quickly realised it was a very fine piece of sheepskin that would be required, so that it would not alter the excellent fit of the saddle yet give him extra comfort. I managed to make him a suitable numnah from my grand mothers’ fur coat together with two little girth sleeves. He never looked back, he now had the confidence to get well again and to respond to the vets’ treatment going on to give my son loads of fun for the next two years.

Mrs. Marjorie Ramsay happened to notice my numnahs at a small show and was kind enough to ask me to go to her yard and fix them all up. She found she could have the numnah exactly how she wanted for Showing her magnificent Hacks and Show Horses and Ponies.

She could have the colour she wanted, the thickness that suited the horse/pony and saddle and the turned edges where she wanted, a detachable Riser Pad or Wither Pad and whats more the numnah would be made to the exact saddle and the numnah would stay in place and would not move.

Team Ramsay

Slieve Bloom Jill ridden by Hannah Horton
owned by Lady Sue Huntingdon.

Winning the NPS – Baileys Horse Feeds M&M.

Ridden Connemara Pony of the Year 2015 at HOYS

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