Bespoke Numnahs

Courtlea Numnahs
Helping Riders Win Championships 

Sarum Rembrandt, ridden by Sarah Parker.
Owned by SL & JM Joyner.
NPS Baileys Horse Feed M&M ridden Pony Welsh Section A of the Year Championship and Supreme Pony at HOYS 2015.
Blue numnahs
Girth sleeves made to length. 
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Belinda at Courtlea Numnahs has continued to equip the Top Show Yards with top quality Pure Sheepskin and Lambskin numnahs in the same way with the same attention to detail and perfection and personal discreet service. She prides herself with the many Championships that her clients have achieved and the many repeat orders.

Her nationwide service and search for perfection to make the Ultimate Product has contributed to the increased performance of a lot of competition horses and ponies across the country.
  • These Numnahs will fit - high withers/flat withers.
  • Round cobs
  • Native breeds
  • Thoroughbreds
  • Any saddle including side saddles.
The Numnahs will not move and do not need straps.
The horse will sweat less. Be more comfortable and therefore roundup and go forward more easily and come on more quickly.
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We offer the winning formula for show success with our bespoke sheepskin and lambskin numnahs. 
Made in-house to the highest standards, we offer good value for money on a range of numnahs.
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or +44 (0) 151 339 3009
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