Exercise Pad / Underlay


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Pure Lambskin Forward cut. In Ivory and Dark Brown Available in Thin thickness, Medium or Thick.

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Use under a saddlecloth or by its self under the saddle with the wool side close to the horse. Will not move and horse more comfortable. Sweat will wick away and horse not feel so hot.

Generous sizes seat width 45cm .

17 inch straight cut has a seat width of 43cm and length of 55cm

17 inch forward cut has a seat with of 43cm and a length of 57cm

For 17.5 inch saddle the length is 59.5cm in length.

18 inch saddle the forward cut is 63cm in length.

Please measure underneath the saddle to check measurements.

Other sizes please email or telephone


Ivory, Dark Brown


Thin, Medium, Thick


17.5 inch, 18 inch


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