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Pure sheepskin/lambskin equestrian products

From ear plugs to leads for your dog, whatever you need, we have a great selection available for you to purchase or order today.
Horse riding accessories

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We have a specialised selection of pure sheepskin products available for you to buy directly from our online store. 

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Gentlemans Field Gillet with Optional Collar, Two Way Zip, Sensible Pockets. Also made for Ladies.
Ladies Field Gillet with Twoway zip and deep pockets.
Cosy cuffs with Velcro fastening.
Ladies or gents sizes.
Ladies Lambskin Gillet with Deep Pockets,zip and collar.
Ladies Lambskin Gillet with Scottish Antler Tip Toggle fastenings.
Cosy Cuffs in same.
Cosy toes. Available in shoes sizes 2-12. 
Superb in boots. Available in Brown or White.

Dog Coats

Dog coat for Jack Russells. 
Sheepskin Dog Coat for Jack Russells to provide warmth and insulation.
Made in Dark Brown, Royal Blue, Green.

Girth Liners and Rein Sleeves

For more details call 0151 339 3009
Girth Liner to fit Fairfax Girth, made in Dark Brown, Black (do not use black on a grey horse), Ivory, Cream.
Sizes 30", 32", 34"
£85.00 plus Carriage
Driving Girth Liner. Custom made.
Ivory Girth Liner. Custom made. 
Please supply template to get correct shape and length.
Liners to fit Fairfax girths in Stock in sizes. 30". 32".34” 
£85.00 plus carriage.

Grooming Mits

Grooming Mitts whole colours or mixed. 
Sizes - Gents or Ladies 
Girth Sleeves made to any length up to 15" @ £1.50 per inch plus carriage. Larger sizes by discussion.
Often Two Short pieces are more useful than One Long Sleeve.
When ordering, please give the circumference of your Girth at the Widest point and the length you would like it.
Dark Brown Grooming Mitt
Sizes - Gents or Ladies. 

Strapping Banger

Strapping Banger in Leather stuffed with pure wool 

Head Collar Sets

For more details call 0151 339 3009

Our sheepskin products include:

  • Detachable riser/wither pads
  • Girth liners and sleeves
  • Non-slip Shetland pads
  • Nosebands Sleeves
  • Hackamore Sleeves
  • Rein Sleeves
  • French blinkers
  • Head collar sets
  • Grooming mitts
  • Strapping bangers
  • Field gillets
  • Ladies gillets
  • Slip leads
  • And much more....
All our products are created with precision to create the perfect fit. We have a wide selection of colours and styles that will fit perfectly with your styles, please take a look at our shop to see what we currently have available in stock today or what we can create for you.  
Photo accredited to
Team Ramsey 

Slieve Bloom Jill ridden by Hannah Horton. 
Owned by Lady Sue Huntingdon. 
Winning the NPS - Baileys Horse Feeds M&M. 
Ridden Connemara Pony of the Year 2015 at HOYS
If you're looking for high quality sheepskin products, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
Call 07918 070 202 (mobile preferred)
or +44 (0) 151 339 3009
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